Dog coats have become fashionable lately. Lots of dog owners have started to dress their dogs up in many different types of dog clothing. Everything from dog coats and hats to dog boots! Much of this is just something you can put down to dog fashion. This shouldn’t put you off from buying your dog a coat though, not to make it look fashionable but rather to keep it warm during the cold weather. Dog coats for winter are more than dog fashion.

Winter dog coats are really important, especially during the really cold weather that many places have been experiencing lately. Dog fur can only keep your dog warm up to a certain extent. Don’t forget that for most of the time your dog lives in a warm house with you, which means they are just as inclined to feel the cold as you are once you leave the warmth of your house.

You may not notice that your dog is cold, usually because many dogs are so excited to get outside. It’s only after they’ve been out for a while that they may start to show signs of becoming cold.

Winter dog coats are the best way to keep your dog warm because a dog coat will cover the whole of the dog’s back and sides. This is where most of the body heat from a dog escapes and also where the dog’s vital organs are. Any simple winter dog coat will do. You don’t need to get a fancy one with a hood or fleece lining. However if you do, I’m sure your dog will love you for it!

At the end of the day, it’s just about making sure your dog is warm enough and not about making a fashion statement. It’s your dog’s well being that is most important, not how cool they look!